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Manuals On-Line

If the manual your looking for is here, GREAT, you've found it. Thank your fellow hams for their effort.

Now it's your turn, If you have access to a scanner, then start scanning your manuals and e-mail them to me and I'll post them here for others to download. If you don't have a scanner but you have manuals you are willing to share, then contact me at and I'll make arrangements with you to get them scanned and posted.

Of most interest here are those old out of print, hard to find manuals. The effort here is not to circumvent the manufactures but to be able to get your hands on manuals that you can't find elsewhere.

All manuals are stored in the PDF format. Click the Adobe Logo to download the latest Adobe Acrobat.

Manufacture Model Size Description

Cushcraft Corporation   Cushcraft's Manuals Page   Variable   Amateur Antenna Manuals
Icom America   Icom America Manuals Page   Variable   Icom Manuals
Electronic Rainbow, Inc.   DF-222   2,358kb   TV Notch Filter
Ramsey   FM-25A   9,410kb   Synthesized FM Stereo Transmitter
  STC-1   8,351kb   Stereo Transmitter Companion
  TM100   350kb   FM Dipole Antenna
Realistic   Pro-2006   4,312kb   Programmable Scanner - Catalog # 20-145A
Tucker Electronics & Computers T-3000   2.08Mb   HF Antenna Tuner

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